Transaction management

How is Transaction Management Solution Helping Realtors & Property Consultants.

Today, industries transform to meet their users’ evolving needs by embracing the emergence of new devices born through the advancement of technology, which helps in reducing stress when trying to[...]

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Property Strength

How is Cloud giving a major makeover to Real Estate Industry with Real Estate CRM & ERP

The ideal time has started.

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Property Strength-1

Real Estate Developers Are Utilizing Cloud Technology To Drive Sales & Operational Efficiency, While Cutting IT Costs Too!


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How Peninsula Lands implemented Cloud based Real-estate management software

Creating an integrated flow of customer information throughout the organization without an information management software is as chancy as trying to catch a fish in an open palm. Realty firm[...]

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Singapore : CloudSteer all set to launch services in USA & EMEA countries

After delivering outstanding results in the APAC market, well-established cloud computing company, Cloudsteer, headquartered in Singapore, announced its next big leap; to extend its operations in USA[...]

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Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job

Success or failure of a business depends on the level of Customer Service more than ever. Where customer service used to be a treated like a department that provides for a product or service, it has[...]

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