How is Transaction Management Solution Helping Realtors & Property Consultants.

Today, industries transform to meet their users’ evolving needs by embracing the emergence of new devices born through the advancement of technology, which helps in reducing stress when trying to satisfy customers. The real estate industry is no exception! Most of the leading and prominent real estate companies who serve a large number of residents and buildings are now moving towards having genuine paperless offices. It is no longer news that the demand for real estate, which has always been one of India's most lively industries is rapidly increasing and real estate developers are repeatedly faced with challenges which demand a lot of hard work and rigorous organisation to achieve success. However, with the emergence of Transaction Management Software's & CRM’s which provides real estate agents the power to manage and monitor all activities in aspect of their real estate business, real estate companies can now easily, more than ever before, attract and retain clients, streamline the processes involved in the selling and buying of properties, and close deals on time.

Transaction management


"Marc Benioff once said -if someone asks me what cloud computing is, I try not to get bogged down with definitions. I tell them that, cloud computing is a better way to run your business, this is a technology you can invest in to get better results!"


According to Evgeny Morozov, “Cloud computing is a great euphemism for centralization of computer services under one server,” this is one of the reasons real estate is now going into cloud computing.

Whether you are a Real Estate Broker or a Real Estate Developer, there are lots to benefit from the CRM solution, Let us consider some points on how transaction management solutions can help one’s business as a Real Estate Agent or a Real Estate Developer.

Below are some of the features that would help you understand more about the benefits of Real Estate CRM:


The transaction management CRM helps you in generating more leads so you can close more sales. This software helps you monitor your current and potential clients, so you don’t lose them. This software provides a platform where you get to meet potential clients who would like to purchase a new home and communicate with them from time to time, so you don’t lose them. You also get to view your customer’s profile and even send personalised marketing messages to their accounts to keep track and communicate with them.


Many real estate buyers have to visit several websites to locate properties they might be interested in, and likewise, many real estate agents go through the stress of creating and maintaining multiple accounts from these websites. This is time-consuming, stressful, and discouraging! But with this commercial real estate transaction management software, you don’t have to visit any website as the software provides effective integration with them all. The software seamlessly integrates all these real estate websites into their software and keeps you abreast with all the properties listed on the websites. Also, managing the web page of the business becomes comfortable with the software as you can browse through different portals where the property information is mentioned with a single access point, and any changes you would like to make can be made with a single command. This will help you organise and grow your business, maximise your time, and make life easy for the company.


Real estate agents work from dawn to dusk, and when they are not with clients, they are attending to one thing or the other. Because of this, many tend to miss deadlines, which would hurt their business. However, with the emergence of this transaction management software for real estate agents, you can manage your time more effectively with built-in reminders which will notify you whenever you have an important assignment. You can, therefore, be assured of meeting up with deadlines and plan for the future.


Keeping in touch with clients is another benefit associated with using real estate software. The Transaction Management Software provides you with space to create a comprehensive information portfolio of clients with which you get to send out wishes on clients’ birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days noted along with the clients’ details. This is very crucial because getting new clients is as important as keeping in touch with the old ones in the real estate business. Research has shown that only a few customers go back to their original clients, but with the help of the software, long lasting relationship can be guaranteed with to a reasonable extent.


The Transaction Management Software helps in handling administrative tasks associated with real estate management to have enough time to attend to other things. A commercial real estate transaction management software comes with some facilities that help in managing the workforce of any real estate business, thereby, reducing the time spent on the transaction. This streamlines back office functions like accounting and record maintenance while helping you connect with your customers.


It is no longer news that there are many real estate software out there and I know you would not want to put your business on the line. Thus, you have to go for the best transaction management software from CloudSteer, which will make you stand out and be the best. Fortunately, Property Strength is specially designed to meet the needs of real estate agents. Property strength is perfect for teams of any size, and it’s the best transaction management software which makes provisions for everything you need to market your business. Therefore, you cannot afford to put the success of your business in the hands of an unreliable software but in the best transaction management software with satisfying comprehensive tools which you can get from a business and IT strategy consulting company like CloudSteer.

Let us consider what all benefits we get from Property Strength.

Property Strength is a unique Real Estate CRM which provides the solution of easy transaction management It has been described as “an agile unique plug-and-play Realtors end-to-end customer lifecycle management CRM app that caters to end-to-end needs on a single cloud platform with free upgrades to address all generic real-estate industry changes”, with many of its users highly successful. Some of these proud companies are Godrej Properties Ltd., Mahindra Lifespaces, Oberoi Realty, DLF Ltd, Piramal Group’s Peninsula Land, etc., with their sales, collections, profitability, and customer satisfaction improved.

Let’s consider some of the key advantages of investing in this product:

1. With Property Strength, you can generate documents like receipts, allotment letter, etc. with ease.

2. No need to worry about expensive upgrades at every policy change anymore as Property Strength offers users free upgrades.

3. It helps the users know how much business was generated from each advertisement, i.e. real-time return on investment.

4. Property Strength covers several apps in one, i.e. it automates the following with zero infrastructure:

a. Virtual call centre with call recording, i.e. VCC app

b. Brokers and Customer portal

c. Facility Management Service Requests

d. Feedback Management

e. CRM or Client service- It monitors and execute each customer’s request and many more.

Furthermore, let us consider some of the basic features of Property Strength:

1.Proper arrangements have been made to ensure that customers find this software easy and friendly to use.

2.With the search bar, you can practically search for anything and everything you might need to market, sell or service better.

3. . It provides users with complete access to prior communication with customers, either through calls, emails, meetings, etc.

4.With this transaction management software, you can now edit contacts with a single click, you can colour them to help you identify unique customers and situations, you can easily verify PAN Number over a click, and you save the confirmation as an attachment. Read More

With the short descriptions above, which are just a tip of the iceberg, Property Strength can be described as the best transaction management CRM which you can’t but give a trial today. You can invest in it, or you can try the free demo to see how right this cloud solution is.

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