How is Cloud giving a major makeover to Real Estate Industry with Real Estate CRM & ERP

The ideal time has started.

While numerous ventures and industries have remained current with innovation inclines and established industry norms, Real Estate is a prominent exemption. Maybe it's an eminent special case when you think about that real estate is the largest commodity on the planet, with an expected $217 trillion valuation.


Property Strength

As somebody who has been a real estate investor or financial specialist for over 20 years, this is from an individual experience when I state that the business is divided and old-fashioned from numerous points of view, with innovation being directly at the highest priority on that rundown. A considerable lot of the key players are yet fabricating and updating their exclusive technology and innovation arrangements. Others are going through a fortune with specialists for modified applications. We've observed this before in different businesses - everybody needs to reinvent the wheel. History lets us know, nonetheless, that wheel reevaluation is quite often pointless on the grounds that it makes further segmentation and makes ventures less competitive.

Time for an Industry-Wide Upgrade

While most of the innovatively full grown ventures moved far from a limited utilise model quite long back ago and grasped a re-appropriated utilisation model (for instance, running applications in the cloud through Salesforce or AWS), which the real estate industry generally, has not. Among other significant reasons, the consumption model is altogether more price feasible and enables organisations to concentrate on their core business operations and stay ahead in the technology front.

Beyond the consumption model and utilising the cloud platform, the real estate business has also been slow to embrace the modern applications that could change it from steady and inefficient to quick and proficient. The innovation is out there, but still, the measure to migrate from the old traditional method for managing things has been sporadic, at its best.

Below is the technology that is revolutionising the industry and will soon become the mainstream in the real estate space

The cloud Platform: Another stage with wide-running effect takes on the closing procedure. Any individual who has ever purchased real estate recognises what a long, inefficient and baffling procedure this is. Thanks to cloud platforms and data management software’s, today the entire process can be streamlined for all the departments for both commercial and residential purchases.

An organisation that is taking care of the entire customer life-cycle by automating the entire sales process from capturing leads, to nurture them till booking and also automating the post-sales service process in an easy and effective manner is CloudSteer Technology Pvt. Ltd. It enables the real estate developers in performing every activity with its agile plug-and-play, end-to-end customer life-cycle

management software application called, Property Strength specially designed for the Real Estate industry which is built on world’s no.1 cloud platform. It gives the realtor a 360-degree view of every activity performed in every department along with the entire customer life-cycle with complete financials. Property strength helps realtors to manage marketing activities, inquiries, prospects, sales teams, bookings, interest, collections, and so on.

The builders are using real estate CRM software for different functions, mostly customised CRM software are available in the market and that too with a high price.

The Property Strength app is revolutionising the real estate industry by combining several apps & features in one which is automated with zero infrastructures like call management, sales management, collections, bookings, client servicing, feedback management, document generation to sharing them with the customers.

Property Strength helps in optimising cost, risk mitigation and scale up operational efficiency, compliance management and so on; it has added every transaction feature which is required to operate and ease the work for every department in the real estate company.

From automation in the service activities for different industries, Technology is moving forward in full gesture with other automation which is globally trending like AI, chatbots, voice searches, etc.

“According to Dharmesh Shah- Founder & CTO, Hubspot, stated that technology in the voice assistant would go beyond just chatting and giving replies, it would help you get your files and reports or whatever important required right by ordering via voice assistant in your app.”

Going forward to the road ahead, the information & technology density is shooting up and their needs to be a better solution to consume it, both real estate developers and customers can use this to identify trends and spot opportunities, as customer nowadays like to get transparent information online, better the solution, better the service, better is the customer feedback, retention and reference. The real estate industry is yet to be penetrated fully and it will become bigger in the future.