Real Estate Developers Are Utilizing Cloud Technology To Drive Sales & Operational Efficiency, While Cutting IT Costs Too!


Are You Utilizing Cloud Technology To Help Drive Operational Efficiency?

In today’s day and age, Cloud technology has effectively changed the ways in which business actually conduct their business. It has paved the way for endless updates and optimization, advanced automation processes and data reporting, and a level of flexibility that has never been seen before in the business world.

For that very reason, real estate businesses throughout the world have been working to adopt Cloud-based software applications that allow them to automate certain aspects of their business, ultimately helping them cut costs, improve their customer and client relations, and process bookings, transactions, and service requests faster than ever before.

So, if you fit into the above criteria, it may be time to ask yourself the following question: Are you doing everything you can to leverage the benefits of Cloud Technology to help drive the operational efficiency of your real estate business?

If not, it’s about time that you do.

CloudSteer’s Property Strength

CloudSteer, a pioneer unicorn in the design and development of Vertical Cloud Applications launched their CRM cum ERP app “Property Strength” in 2013, specifically designed for the real estate industry and built on the world’s # 1 Cloud platform. By giving the industry a much-needed affordable platform with flexibility, CloudSteer provides a solution that has gone missing in most ERPs.

Property Strength is an agile plug-and-play, end-to-end prospects & customer lifecycle management software application that realtors can use to manage marketing, enquiries, prospects, sales teams, bookings, interest, collections, and so much more.

As a Cloud-based platform, Property Strength offers free upgrades regularly to help address the evolving needs and challenges that the real estate market often finds itself in need of solutions for, as well as the ability to access the application from anywhere in the world, from any device.

For real estate developers, Property Strength offers a comprehensive prospect management solution, complete with sales accounting features, inventory, offers management, channel and broker management, and bookings management. This all-encompassing solution isn’t just here to automate processes, it’s here to efficiently drive the revenue and growth of your office from end-to-end.

Driving Customer Connections

Cloud technology has also paved the way for businesses to engage with their customers and clients on a deeper level than ever before, and Property Strength is no different. This platform allows customers to schedule auto payments, view real-time inventory availability properties, quick scheduling, and so much more.

Property Strength is effectively revolutionizing the realtor industry by combining a number of different applications and features under a single Cloud-based platform. The add-on app,Virtual Call Center,” enables easy call management that allows agents to seamlessly respond to clients, set up consultations with other agents, and ensure that an efficient prospect management system is in place at all times – all without the need of a physical call center infrastructure. And with an integrated CRM, realtors can monitor and execute customer requests with the click of a button or the tap of a screen.


When it comes to marketing your business or your listings, Property Strength helps to determine the precise, real-time ROI of each individual advertising campaign or marketing campaign that you run, so that you can be sure that the resources you’ve devoted towards getting your messages out there are actually providing you with the right return.

So, just with some of the benefits listed above, can you see just how much better your business can be doing with an exceptional Cloud-based platform like Property Strength?

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