New Delhi : CloudSteer revolutionizes the coupon management segment with its new CRM paragon, SpareFit

New Delhi, August 29 2018 — Avowed for their outstanding cloud-based solutions, CloudSteer is back in the news for the success of yet another unrivalled product, SpareFit. A specially envisioned CRM solution, SpareFit easily helps manage coupon loyalty programs and product life-cycle, encompassing channel and end-customers.


Having already made its mark in India, SpareFit is all set to do the rounds in the South East Asian market. Based on a subscription model, the innovative idea behind this program is to provide a simple tool to obtain and retain customers with some exceptional features. For instance, the ‘eCoupon fraud-proof loyalty management solution’ enables one to control the enterprise with end-to-end functioning from printing to disbursement. One could also cut duplicity with proper validations at each step in a product-lifecycle.


This tool also benefits in terms of real time authenticity with flexible, convenient and foolproof points redemption. SpareFit is particularly fruitful for those who are moving towards paper-free initiatives, as it requires no physical handling of coupons, therefore reducing material or logistic costs. It aids skimming through the brand’s potential versus product market share with channel sales performance and 360° visibility of products comprising track and trace along with zero infrastructure addition or IT dependency.


This CRM tool also covers scheme management, credit note at-a-click, inventory management and service request management. Most companies select CloudSteer for their coupon loyalty management automation after a detailed study of the industry and genuine challenges faced at the ground level.Subscribers who have already used the program vouch for it. Acceptingly, they have benefited in reducing collective expenses and providing prominence into total market share. For some, the eCoupon App has reduced coupon and product duplicity in the market by more than 80 percent.Overall, there is a notice ableupsurge in sales, channel partners, repeat buyers, end-customer satisfaction and authenticity. The pricing too is a boon, as it can be customized like the program itself.


With countless companies having used and valued,CloudSteer’s other highly accomplished CRM programs, Spare Fit is slated to tackle coupon management hassles in an unprecedented way.